Car Information

  • Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon 2011

  • 10 l / 100 km
  • 3,2 Diesel
  • Automatic transmission
  • 3-zone climate control
  • 4WD
  • With driver + 8$ / per hour
  • Insurance deposit $1000
from 45 € /for 1 day(s)


from 1 Days - 68 € / day
from 4 Days - 59 € / day
from 13 Days - 50 € / day
from 30 Days - 45 € / day

Rent Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon 2011

Comfort – Capacity – Patency

In DRC, you can rent a Mitsubishi Pajero – a seven-seater four-wheel-drive SUV class “K3”, a version of the fourth generation.

The presented car is equipped with an audio system with USB-port, a rear-view camera, the image from which is displayed on the internal rear-view mirror. In addition, the modified 5-speed automatic gearbox in the restyled Pajero is equipped with the Optimum Shift Control shift control system, and the engines are equipped with modern electronics.

Pajero is equipped with all-wheel drive Advanced Super Select 4WD. It allows you to switch from an economical drive mode on one axle to a full drive mode directly while driving at speeds up to 100 km / hour. If the ground under the wheels is viscous, the driver can turn on the locking of the center differential so that power is evenly distributed on both axes, and thus increase the tractive effort.

Under the hood of a Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon is a 4-cylinder, 200-horsepower, 3.2-liter turbo diesel.

Rent a 7-seater Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon 2011 in Kiev by phone +38 067 322 60 60, +38 044 209 20 11, or use the online application form on our website.

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