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  • Honda Accord 2015

  • 9,0 l / 100 km
  • 2,4 Petrol
  • Automatic transmission
  • Climate Control
  • With driver + 8$ / per hour
  • Insurance deposit $800
from 33 € /for 1 day(s)


from 1 Days - 46 € / day
from 4 Days - 42 € / day
from 13 Days - 37 € / day
from 30 Days - 33 € / day

Rent Honda Accord 2015

representative business sedan

Honda Accord Rental – front-wheel drive sedan class “E”. Model of the ninth generation seriously added in size. Compared with the previous European “eight” Accord is 13.5 cm longer, 2.5 cm taller and 1 cm wider. The wheelbase added 7 cm, and the space for the legs of the rear passenger – 8.5 cm. The trunk has grown by 28 liters, its volume is 495 liters.

The front panel of the new form is striking bold outlines. Under one visor in modern fashion tidy and screen multimedia system are combined. The increased dimensions are quite well camouflaged – the sidewalls are embossed, with a flying up and accentuated subwindow line, a pronounced lower perimeter and clearly defined arches, which have nice 17-inch wheels.

Honda Accord Car rental will give an exceptionally new feeling of driving through the city and suburban tracks. Compared with previous versions, the updated model has become more powerful, comfortable and safe. Thanks to the efforts of the developers, the level of comfort Honda Accord is surprising.

Rent a Honda Accord 2015 version is:

⇒ dual-zone automatic climate control;
⇒ rear passenger ventilation;
⇒ improved cruise control;
⇒ automatic power windows and many other technical improvements.

Cars are classified as a business class model, but its similarities with sports cars are easily noticeable. Quickly accelerate to 100km / h? No problem: the Honda Accord does it in less than ten seconds.

If you rent a Honda Accord, you will not suffer from fuel losses. With a 2.4 liter engine, the car uses gasoline economically: only 9 liters per 100 km. Pleases and safety, because the car is equipped with control systems, front and side airbags.

Rent a Honda Accord may include additional options:

⇒ navigator;
⇒ Wi-Fi;
⇒ additional driver;
⇒ child car seat.

The car is insured by Casco and third-party liability, timely passes inspection. To order the Honda Accord, call our operators at the phone numbers that you find on our website. There is an option to order the delivery of the machine to the specified address.

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