Car Information

  • Ford Focus sedan 2017

  • 7,9 l / 100 km
  • 2,0 Petrol
  • Automatic transmission
  • Climate Control
  • With driver + 8$ / per hour
  • Insurance deposit $500
from 19 € /for 1 day(s)


from 1 Days - 33 € / day
from 4 Days - 28 € / day
from 13 Days - 24 € / day
from 30 Days - 19 € / day

Ford Focus sedan 2017 rental

one of the favorites in its price segment

If you hire a Ford Focus sedan, you personally make sure that it is a car that is easy to drive on both smooth and winding roads. Your trip will be safe and most comfortable thanks to the innovative Torque Vectoring Control system, which allows you to control the car as much as possible even on sharp turns. Maneuverable and powerful car is equipped with a modern automatic transmission and a powerful engine of 2 liters. The voice recognition system makes every trip as comfortable as possible. Despite the relative compactness, the design of the car clearly shows the sporty notes.
Capacity, comfortable suspension, high security make the car an excellent option for both work and family. Unlike many competitors, in the new Ford Focus it is easy to secure one or even several children’s car seats.

The new Ford Focus has a modern design and truly high-quality interior materials, fully satisfying the user. The steering wheel is adjustable in height and trimmed with leather, which leaves a pleasant impression of driving. We can safely say that this is the best car in its price segment.

At your request, the car can be equipped with a child seat for family travel with young children. You can rent Ford Focus sedan 2017 by calling +38 067 322 60 60 +38 044 209 20 11 or order this car online.
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