Kia Rio

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Insurance Deposit:  $500

Air Conditioner

Petrol 1,4 l
7,4 l / 100 km
2 WD
Car rental cost
from 1 day: $30
from 4 days: $26
from 10 days: $23
from 30 days: $20
Vehicle description

DRC provides a profitable Kia Rio rental service in Kiev with or without a driver. Since its first presentation, the Korean Rio has become the darling of thousands of car owners around the world. This is a real holiday car, it is bright, vibrant, explosive. She knows how to create a mood!

By renting a Kia Rio, you get a roomy city car, but quite agile and nimble. Not surprising, because with a gasoline 1.4-liter engine and automatic transmission, you can not be different. The car is perfect for country trips with family or friends, because all things are guaranteed to fit in the trunk.

Affordable price rent Kia Rio in Kiev, attractive design, Korean origin. A car inside which at the same time you feel that you have saved something, but are not deprived of anything. Lightweight and obedient to drive, the driver’s seat is habitually adjustable in height. The knees of the passengers of the second row have enough space for comfortable accommodation.

Advantages of renting a Kia Rio:

  • comfort in movement;
  • convenience of parking on the most uncomfortable streets of the capital;
  • affordable rent for a day or more;
  • high-tech equipment;
  • the possibility of additional ordering a navigator, Wi-Fi and a child car seat, which will protect your child during trips.

Technological equipment Kia Rio includes anti-lock brakes, climate control, heated seats and other modern innovations to increase the convenience and comfort of passengers.

Ordering a Kia Rio car rental service from us, you are guaranteed to receive a reliable, economical, convenient car of economy class. Timeliness of passing inspection, Casco insurance and civil liability are the key to your safety and confidence in the car. To take advantage of the offer and book / book Kia Rio by calling the numbers indicated on the website.

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Good to know
How to order a car?

You can call (067) 322-60-60 or (044) 209-20-11 from 9:00 to 21:00 or make an on-line order around the clock. Managers will contact you as soon as possible.

What are the payment options?

You can pay for the rental of the selected car in cash or with a Visa / Mastercard credit card.

What documents will be required?
  • driver's license with a driving experience of at least 2 years;
  • passport (the tenant must be at least 22 years old);
  • (TIN) identification code (only needed by Ukrainian citizens);
  • migration card (needed only for foreigners);
  • The amount of the deposit (both cash and bank cards) must correspond to the class of the car you rent.
What are the requirements for a tenant?
Minimum age - 22 years.
Driving experience - from 2 years.
What is the mileage limit?
  • When renting a car up to 5 days, the mileage limit for cars is 300 km / day. Extra charge for mileage $10 / per day for economy and middle class cars. When renting more than 5 days, mileage is unlimited.
  • For business class cars and SUVs. When renting 1-12 days: 300 km / day, 13-30 days 250 km / day. Extra charge for mileage $20 per 100 km.

Also you can use the service "UNLIMITED on mileage". Specify details at managers.

Insurance and deposit

All cars are insured under AutoCasko and motor third party liability.

An insurance deposit is the maximum amount within which the Client is liable to the company in case of damage to the car.

Compensation is unconditional, since its payment (in case of damage to the car or its parts) does not depend on the degree of guilt of the Client.

But it is important to remember that if the car is damaged, you will need to correctly and timely draw up documents (certificates on the approved forms, according to paragraph 7 of the lease agreement).

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Our company provides car rental from famous car brands that have established themselves in the market. We provide cars of any class and from any manufacturer - we offer car rental in Japanese, European, Korean, German, American production. Also here you will find cars and French brands.

Also, before sending the car to you, the vehicle undergoes additional technical inspection and quality control. This avoids problems with the car. Cars are fully insured, and therefore there will be no problems with the road inspection.
DRC specialists carry out scheduled maintenance of all cars from the catalog. If necessary, replace the old parts with new ones. It is worth noting that we use only certified components for all cars, and not cheap Chinese fakes. Due to this, you get not only a comfortable, but also a safe ride.

Daily rent a car in Kiev at affordable prices - DRC. Contact, we will deliver the car to any specified place.

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Customer reviews

Repeatedly contacted the DRC for a car. Mine, unfortunately, has recently been often failing me, and I have to leave it in the service for a long period. This car rental company is nice to deal with, they will always help with choosing the best option for the period I need.

Natalia Victorovna

Head of Business, P&G

Work requires me to constantly move around the city. But there is no desire to buy your own car. Therefore, I often use the car rental service. Very convenient service, good cars, no pitfalls. I recommend DRC car rental.

Vladimir Alexandrovich

Manager, Stroy-Service

“DRC always makes me an offer that I can’t refuse :). The guys have an excellent selection of cars and very reasonable prices. Cars do not look like rolling, read, serviced. Always bring the car to the right place for me. Only positive emotions from cooperation with this company. Thank you so run!

Petr Nikolaevich